It's been a week of change here :-) 

New Hair:
New Hair 2010
AND NEW Tattoo - loving this one!
Sephiroth Tattoo

Things look like they are on the up, here's to praying it stays like it! At least for a while.

COSPLAY ^____^
Because I can't help plugging this everywhere!! (Cosplay is completed and here's me wearing it. Its just without the facepaint, makeup and contacts) 


Wow - What a Day!
Please excuse the ranting, muse decided to invade on the train into work this morning with an enormous idea for a fanfiction short-story.  Admittedly work quashed it some but I'd managed to jot some of the ideas down. A flash of one particular moment struck this idea home. Those of you who know me well enough will probably recognize, but I'm not going to have time to develop this properly before Expo so it will have to wait til at least June! 

Possible piece of the new...Collapse )

And thats all I've got for now. Not bad for about 15 mins of thinking how to word it. Or at least me and ma muse think so!! Here have a couple of dear mun/muse thoughts: 

Dear MuseCollapse )

Dear Mun...Collapse )

Tamworth - 2nd- 5th April 2010
My Easter Break 2010Collapse )

Oh for F!%£" SAKE
And so my first ever journal entry on my new account will be a whiny one, but thats what it's here for right? A release of stuff that I can't vent any other way in my life.

Work CrapCollapse )

Enough about work already! Gawd's I get stressed out. Week off next week - YAY!

Random...Collapse )
See this is the reason I never kept a journal before O.o

Here goes
So I deleted malkie_ami  and decided to try again with the personal LJ thing at request of a friend (you know who you are!). I was never any good at keeping to it before but hopefully, what with my only other journal being the LSR comm one maybe this will be better to keep in touch. 

Not much to really say here other than it's FREEZING cold over here still, I wish Spring would arrive already!! 

Work sucks, lonely personal life sucks, comes to something when the Sephi-muse is my main source of entertainment! Other than Perfect World that is! 

So, um yea not much going for me atm...


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